Owners of Rental Property…

  • Tired of tenants lying to you?
  • Tired of applications being bogus?
  • Tired of having to evict tenants?
  • Tired of going to the Justice Court?
  • Tired of trying to figure it all out?

Let us take care of all of this and more.  

Fully automated, with Electronic record keeping

Able to receive rents electronically
Tenants can pay rent while at Wal-Mart
Tenants can pay their rent from an APP on their cell phone
             All of these lead to more timely payments by tenants

Pay owners and vendors electronically
Monthly statement of account by email or internet account
Annual summary and detail of account for you or your accountant
Single family and multi-family properties
Commercial properties
Wide spread internet advertising
Recorded list of available rentals on our Voicemail
Representation by us in Justice Court if needed at no added cost
Reputable Staff of maintenance personnel
Full time staff member, Misty Benke in addition to our Broker
Call today, 601-799-1199, to speak with our Broker, Eric Bradley  or Misty Benke, our rental agent, for more detailed information about how we may be able to take some of the stress off of you!